Bullet Points! WWE Raw 12/12/16

Welcome to the first Edition of BULLET POINTS! This will be my weekly column where I give you my take away from the latest offering from professional wrestling! As a fan of mainly WWE, I’ll be giving you at least 3 of these every week, though I will try to recap TNA as well! I’m not one to do full blooded results and reviews, so I’ll be sticking to just sudden, bullet point thoughts. Also, because of my personal life, I am basing these off of the Hulu Version, which is cut for time. I gots no time to be wastin’!

I’ll have my overall thoughts at the bottom, for those curious.

Alright, enough talk! Let’s do this!

  • New Day wins! As if it were any doubt that WWE would let them miss the record, after all of that hype! Oh, and the party in the back told me right away that either we would get another match, or that we would at least find out who the new #1 contenders were for Roadblock.
  • How awesome is Cesaro And Sheamus’ entrance? Music needs work, but that pose back to back is awesome!
  • Compelling way to get Sami Zayn over, though I hope that it leads to something meaningful, perhaps a US title run. As cool as it would be to see Sami win the Rumble, I just don’t see it happening.
  • The Rollins Report is another Highlight Reel, which is just another Piper’s Pit. It gives a reason to move the story forward, so it’s okay I guess. You can also take it as a subtle dig at Rollin’s Opponent for this Sunday.
  • heheheheh…SparkleCrotch…heheheheh
  • It’s interesting to me, still, that Roman and Seth are side by side. You can argue common enemy, but this guy betrayed a brotherhood, Roman! A pop in the mouth or something is required before we become best buds again!
  • Adding excitement to the iron woman match by adding the “No Rematch” clause is a great idea! My money is on Charlotte winning by one point, tapping out just after the time reaches zero. It’s Bayley’s time to shine!
  • Another thing: Why only 30 minutes? Have faith in two of the best Women in the WWE and go a full 1 hour!
  • Also, Halestorm is my favorite band of all time! Great to see them back with the theme to the women’s division match (They also provided the theme to Asuka vs Bayley 2)
  • Note to Ru-Ru: Never say “Certified G” again..
  • I can totally see Rusev be a face right now. The guy has charisma and is a great worker. He had the crowd on the edge of their seats, though it was mostly brought on by “Wanna see me bang my wife?”
  • Ahh Big Cass, Vince expects so much of you. Why does he make you say these things?
  • Sami’s reaction to Eva Marie..You think they OK this stuff with Eva before they say it?
  • Good show of strategy by New Day, using the fresh Xavier instead of Kofi for their second defense of the night. On a side note, Woods downloaded an Austin Creed created wrestler I made on WWE 2k17. That’s pretty sweet, Baybeeeeeeee!
  • And the the mega powers implode again! I’m gonna miss Jeri-KO but I think the feud will be pretty good, possibly for after ‘Mania.

All in all, I would give this Raw a 6/10, though I’m sure the filler stuff that was cut from the Hulu version would have brought the score down. I usually enjoy Raw, but honestly Smackdown Live has the better show. I’m anxious to see Roadblock for 2 matches, and neither is a title match: Seth Rollins vs Y2J and Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman. Everything else just doesnt peak my interest.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twittah! As always I will try to be as up to date as I can! Though I am currently working on a podcast review of this Sunday’s PPV! STay Tuned!



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